Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Brother Houseguests.

Each season, you're assuming the houseguests are gonna be better than the year before. Some years I totally agree with that, this year, I dont. With the exception of Jessie who became part of Big Brother 11, after playing last year. Heres my take on the current houseguests, including 1st person evicted, Braden.

Jessie - Im totally team Jessie. I liked him last year, no matter what people made him out to be. He may talk about his body and workin out alot, but who cares, hes a bodybuilder, what hes supposed to talk about, teddy bears? He's totally hott, and Im a sucker for previous houseguests, kind of like Season 7. I had a weak spot for each of those competitors. I think he's smart, but not smart enough. He has the game concept down, but doesn't know how really do it. I give him an A for effort, but he has no real strategy. I love him though and hopefully he'll get farther than week 4. GO JESSIE!

Ronnie - Omg could we have a bigger nerd in the house? I thought Adam from Season 9 topped the cake on being the weirdo, but Oh my goodness I was wrong. You can just tell hes a dork, by his conversations, and his body language. && Hes also got a concept for the game, but hes already laid all his cards on the table, I think hes pretty much screwed. He didn't do it was fast as Brian from Season 10, but still. The guy isn't winning.

Jordan - Lorddddddddddddddd this girl is so new. She has no clue what this game is about, shes easily manipulated and if it wasn't for laura, she'd be NOTHING. Shes not afraid to ask questions though, I have to admit, but when you're constantly asking questions about the game, you're bound to get jank answers, to throw you off even more. Id lie my ass off to her, if I were the other HG's.

Laura - This girl has Brains. She knows the game very well, she knows how to play, but her emotions are far to out there for her to play this game at all. She has alot of the houseguests pegged, which is a good thing, but shes out the door anyway, if she can squeeze her massive tits out the door.

Russell - Oh boy. I think his strategy is to be the scary asshole, so no one confronts him, or puts him up. He's definately the backdoor kinda houseguest, cause I would never give that guy a chance to save himself, or its all hell breakin loose. No way.

Chima - ...I dont even know what to say. She tends to ..I wouldn't say manipulate, but she tries to make others think her way, instead of for themselves. Her laugh is annoying, hes lips look like they were stung by a bee, and I wouldn't mind seeing her go. How is she a brain really? Shes not even THAT smart.

Michelle - This chick is way to...quiet. She isn't outgoing at all, and when she does talk, she always ends a sentence with that awkward laugh, and its so irritating cause its not like, every once in awhile, its EVERY time she opens her mouth. She surprised me though, being kinda like the chick from american pie, but cmon, that could be a front. Ya know, kinda like when guys boast about how many chicks they slept with, they over exaggerate to look cool. Maybe thats what shes doing, cause really, can...why am I talkin bout this girls sex life? Moving on.

Braden - Man, idk why he had to leave, he didn't do ANYTHING. He was the funny guy, that rarely even talked game, he wouldn't have been a threat most of the game. what a bunch of weirdos sending him home. Id rather chima would have went.

Jeff - Wow hes a hottie. His accent is so cute, but hes right, he cannot play this game worth nothing. Maybe he thought he'd be able to, but epic fail. I think he'll sit back for awhile, before gettin knocked out by his own lover, Jordan. Sorry Jeff.

Casey - Now if this guy was 15 yrs younger, Id like him. He wears the hat tilted to the side, he talks the talk, hes a DJ, hes pretty tight. He'd be my type if he were younger. In this game though, idk what hes really thinkin, he never talks for very long, and idk, I cant really peg him. Im at a loss.

Natalie - "I dont lie about anything" ..HELLO, you said you were 18. I know she told Jessie she wasn't really, I know he heard "I dont lie about anything" HELLLLOOOO put 2 and 2 together. Do not trust the girl. Shes playin it well though, I give her that. Shes really open and..."honest" so nobody really believes she lies half the time. I mean, Russ and Jordan did not make an agreement in the SR. Liar liar pants on fire. && how she walks. Omg. Dont even get me started.

Lydia - I love this girl. Love a girl with tattoos, piercings, and she'll do anything to stay in the house. Most would call that a slut, but shes played it really well and the boys believed her in a way. She hasn't strayed far from Jessie so I like that, they're also cute together. I like that. I again, think she knows how to play the game, but theres no clear strategy. Shes more of the it happens when it happens, and then she figures something out. Good enough for me

Kevin - What does he really do? I mean really? I rarely see him talk game, he sits in a room and listens to game talk the most. Hes very liked, cause hes the gay guy, he can stand up for himself, and stands up for his friends in the house, but really, whats his point?

Ok so I guess that concludes what I think about the houseguests. I change my mind sometimes too, so you might find another revised one soon. Example, I hated Dan for voting out Jessie, but a few weeks later, I loved the dude. =] K byez!